We change the world with knowledge

November 22, 2021

The national campaign under the slogan We change the world with knowledge was successfully completed in November 2021. The goal of this promotional and media campaign of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia was to present the most important results of education reform.

Through a series of TV and radio commercials and internet video materials, the campaign shows examples of the results of the reform aimed at increasing the quality of education and involving each child in the teaching and learning process, as well as aligning education with student interests and labour market needs.

The campaign also presented examples of good practice and success of individuals who have already chosen their professions: teachers and professors, chefs, pilots, scientists, drivers, veterinarians and others who have acquired knowledge and skills for personal and professional development through education.

During the campaign, video content was broadcast on television channels, online portals as well as on social networks. Across Serbia, on billboards, bus stops and in public transport vehicles, the key results of the reform and cooperation between the EU and Serbia in the education sector were presented. On social networks, during October and November 2021, a competition was organized for high school students for video materials .

After the end of the campaign, video content will be available at https://www.mpn.gov.rs/znanjem-menjamo-svet/.

The campaign was financially supported by the European Union through the Redis 2030 project. The European Union, as the largest donor in Serbia, supports the modernisation of the education system and harmonisation with the standards and practices of EU countries. Since 2003, the EU has donated more than 100 million EUR to reform the education sector - to improve pre-school education, vocational and adult education, renovate and equip schools and faculties, and support inclusive education. EU assistance has been implemented through a number of projects and programmes in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, with which the EU will continue to work on education sector reform.